How much does a tax relief company charge?

Some tax relief companies charge a fixed percentage of the amount owed to the IRS, such as 10%. Even if you think you're right and the IRS has incorrectly billed you, you should consider whether the cost of tax resolution services will be greater than the cost of simply paying your bill. Assurances that you qualify for one or more programs without even analyzing your case or stating that they can settle your tax debt within a specified time frame should immediately generate warning signs. Victory Tax offers assistance to both individuals and businesses, including services such as tax preparation, defense of taxes and liens, and representation in audits.

Anthem's money-back guarantee is also one of the best in the tax debt relief industry, offering the return of all your money if you can't get any kind of resolution from the IRS, whether it's a reduction in payment amounts or a debt forgiveness. Of course, no two people share the same circumstances, and if you think you need tax help, regardless of the size of your debt, many tax relief companies offer a free consultation to get started. While results are never guaranteed, these companies can certainly help with complicated tax debt problems. Keep a good eye on the amount of your tax debt and make sure you are clear about the total costs you'll pay to settle it.

Given the complicated nature of tax relief services, it can be safely said that costs vary greatly from case to case. Other companies will send forms to the consumer asking the IRS for a “compromise offer”, which the company knows will be rejected due to the strict IRS guidelines for debt forgiveness under that program (see below). An Optima Tax representative will review your situation with you, explain your options, and help you decide if a tax relief company is your best option. In addition to tax debt relief, Precision offers assistance to ensure wage garnishment and tax exemption, which can provide a significant amount of financial relief, if granted by the IRS.

A compromise offer is a way to pay off your tax debts with a payment lower than the balance due. In addition, you should consider the cost of tax relief services compared to the IRS bill. To address this dilemma, which could trigger a major financial crisis, a new type of business has emerged to help delinquent taxpayers deal with their tax debts. The IRS Office of Professional Responsibility addresses questionable practices in the tax debt resolution industry.

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