How do i get the irs to forgive penalties?

Follow the instructions in the IRS notice you received. You can also apply for forgiveness of the fine after you have paid the full amount of taxes, penalties of 26% interest. You have 2 (two) years to receive a refund of payments made to the IRS. Use Form 843 to request a refund or request a reduction in certain taxes, interest, penalties, fees and tax additions.

The FTA is the easiest penalty relief option of all. You can request it by calling the toll-free number listed on your IRS notice, or your tax professional can call the hotline dedicated to tax professionals or the compliance unit (if applicable) to apply for the FTA for any amount of fine. The third thing to do before asking the IRS to waive the penalty is to sign an installment agreement, such as the restart agreement, or pay the balance owed to the IRS in full.

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