Can i withdraw money from a frozen account?

Frozen accounts don't allow any debit transactions. When an account is frozen, account holders can't make withdrawals, purchases, or transfers, but they may still be able to make deposits and transfers. Simply put, a consumer can deposit money into an account, but cannot withdraw money from it. However, you can still withdraw money from the frozen card and the solution is so simple that you'll be surprised you didn't think of it.

The ability to withdraw or transfer money is not available while the account is frozen. It's impossible to withdraw money or make cash transfers from a frozen debit account. Banks often facilitate credit transactions or bank transfers to the account. But debit transactions are always restricted.

A frozen account can be easily unfrozen by contacting the bank in question. The bank will recommend the standard procedure for unfreezing an account. The account holder must follow this procedure. However, in some cases related to a government or court ruling, the bank can only unfreeze the account after another order or decision that explicitly says so.

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